Research and Design
  • As an innovated manufacturer of convenience and security products for residential & commercial access solutions. Force Technology has over 10 years experience in the automtic door field.

  • We have ability in "Physical construction design”, "Electronic design", "Software design" and strong ability in “Machining operations”.

  • Based on our solid market in Europe, Australia, South America and South Africa, now we have some advanced advantages in “Soft start/stop", “Rolling code technology”, “Safety reverse technology", "Higher speed opening/closing" and "Twin encoder electronic limit technology”.

  • Force garage door opener,roller door opener,sliding gate opener,industrial door opener - Innovated housing design, safety protection, quick speed for opening/closing,lower stand -by power , and low noise rail driven.We are committed to quality products,innovative designs and comprehensive services, which exceed our customers' expectations.With professional manufacturing and reasonable price, it will make Force products your best choice of “ Home automation”.

  • Testing

  • Industrial Door Drive
  • Transmitter Circuit Board Structure Diagram
  • Design The Circuit Diagram Of The Control Board
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