• Incoming Quality Control
    First of all, we need to test the material to ensure the quality.
  • Entry
    After the material is confirmed, drag it into the warehouse.
  • Test
    We will test the quality through a variety of tests, such as tension tests & high temperature tests, etc.
  • First Inspection
    After the product is ready, we will take the first test.
  • Routing Inspection
    Then, we will carry out the line inspection and the routing inspection.
  • Casual Inspection
    Finally, we have a casual inspection to ensure the quality again.
  • Force Technology put quality at the forefront of everything we do, understanding that each of us is accountable and committed to continually improving the effectiveness of our quality control system and achieving quality objectives.

  • We have a complete set of quality control system. From the control of the raw material to a large number of product testing to a rigorous inspection process. Only to ensure that our customers use the best quality garage door openers.

  • As a testament to our commitment to quality, we provide "5 years motor warranty, 3 years general warranty".

  • Automatic Reverse Test

  • Finished Garage Door Opener Inspection

  • Ground Resistance Tester

  • Precision Salt Spray Test

  • Simulation Test of Pull Up A Door

  • Ultra-High Temperature Test
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